Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ah, that paranoid smell.

Smells a bit like bad beer. And trust me. I know when I smell paranoia.

One of the first things that blossoms in the mind during the first 'abyssal' stage of the magician is deep seated, 100% batshit, paranoia.

The world is alive with spirits; that includes things that want to eat your face. The world is full of knowing and unknowing magicians. But the second you draw the sword, the second you go to war, you've already lost. It isn't about taking the fight to 'them'. It isn't about 'firing back'. It's about standing your ground.

Counter to this is what occurs when something like that, the act of drawing the sword, backfires. You'll know it after you've encountered it once. If you're like I once was, and have been before, then all the wards set up deflect most of what you're doing as it bounces back on you. This creates intense strain on a household. Nightmares, fights, emotional explosions. People bug out shortly after venturing inside. The feedback loop is indefinite.

Its all part of the process, folks. You don't get to save the world, you get to save yourself. And by that act you provide an example for the rest of the world to see.

But when you start launching those curses and being sneaky? Trust me, because I've done more than most, you'll find that you were delusional and paranoid and thereby providing one delusion of grandeur that will consume you.

Don't use daddy's tools in mommy's playground. It'll just piss mommy off.


Rose Weaver said...

Truer words were never written. Well said.

Riley said...

Yeah if you don't handle it right you end up like this:


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Why would mommy marry daddy if his tools aren't pleasing??

Rufus Opus said...

Oh, you're totally wrong. I really loved the daddy's tools in mommy's playground line, but that's wrong too. Daddy's tools are there to make mommy's playground a fun place to play.

Just because some people can't handle cursing doesn't mean that a blanket indictment of all cursing is warranted. The wards you put up that make people crazy on entering? You're doing it wrong. Trapping shit inside instead of keeping things out.

Overall, I'd bet you dollars to donuts that your experiences are very much your own, very valid for the time you were doing the magic, and likely contain the seeds of wisdom you'll need to eat the fruit later, but...

There's a difference between people cursing and warding in their teens who just got into magic recently and people who have been working on transforming and transcending themselves for a few years. I'm not saying everyone who's old is smart; I work with a lot of old idiots. But I am saying you're painting the world with too big of a brush and not enough paint.

Rufus Opus said...

I take it back. You're probably right.

Jack Faust said...

Re RO: Erm. That's an odd sudden "taking it back," mang.

Rufus Opus said...

What, you've never been wrong before?

I just put two and two together, and I'd be willing to bet that in the case before the courts, all evidence being weighed in toto, you're probably right.

If it were me you were talking about, you'd be totally wrong. But I am a wise and great and experienced Magician, who can tell the boojum from the djembe song.

Jack Faust said...

Fair do, brotha. I'd also thought you misread what I was saying, but like I said: it's all good, man. Just wondered why you suddenly changed your mind. It was very "RO like". I've seen you stick to your guns endlessly. (And it's something I admire.)

Rufus Opus said...

I only stick to my guns when I'm sure I'm right. Sticking to guns when you're fighting for something wrong is stupid, imho. I've done plenty of stupid in my life; enough, I'd even say.