Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you haven't seen it...

Kirsten Brown, the amazing artist I've recommended on this blog before, did a commission for my partner in crime for the last four years, Mr. VI (international sorcerer of mystery):

I know I want a commission from her. Once I rattle up the necessary funds, which could take a while, I fully intend to get one. (Although I have no idea what I'd ask for. To be honest: VI is much cooler - though far more quiet - than I am.)

Still: if you've got book cover ideas, something for your altar, or something to hang on a wall? I can't recommend her enough. And she's chatty, which means you can banter with her. Send her an email. (""). Or comment on her blog. Or just tell her how amazing she is. After all, who doesn't enjoy being appreciated?

And if you need VI or I for weird things, you know where to reach me. (And I can find VI day or night. He's yelled at me many times for it.) I dunno what I'd be needed for, though... I just write things.


Riley said...

Wow! That is fkn rad, almost makes me want to practice shamanism, key word being almost.

CLAY said...

Excellent post--you'd be interested in researching the African demon Agbako.

Clayrn Darrow

K. Brown said...

Aww. thanks! XD