Thursday, January 8, 2009


To be clear:

My commentary on paranoia had nothing to do with anyone on blogspot. (It seem I synced - though not very well at all - with RO's discourse on Tyson's amusing theory, which I won't bother with since I'd have to like hand out some of my less amusing experiences with visions of the end and beings that insist I'm a prophet or somesuch.)

Someone happened to email me and ask me to wander about poking my head into a matter they felt was potentially dangerous for a friend, and said friend was insisting she was being cursed, complete with nightmares. My light-weight gander showed a correspondence between the friend's paranoia and an entity having fun with her, and I offered some tips for deconstructing that problem.

It just happens to be a common problem. People becoming paranoid and flipping out. Like I said, I suspect for most beginners it relates to oracular trance states and personal psychology.

Review of Robin Artisson's The Witching Way of Hollow Hill forthcoming since my girlfriend and I switched books and I wanted to look at his system. And then I should get around to finishing my submission for Bluebird so I can send it to Joshua Carfax and watch him warp the ever-loving fuck out of it. (And yes, it will still focus on Spare's techniques.) Which reminds me:

"Bluebird, a quarterly print periodical of reality hacking, outsider culture, high weirdness, bio-psionics and neo-tantra for modern mystics, is now seeking submissions of writing and art.

Writing: 1500-8000 word min/max. Content may be in the form of articles, narrative, memoirs, poetic prose. Poetry will be considered and may be shorter in length. Please use spellcheck and separate your paragraphs.

Art: Internal art will be black and white. Color cover. We are especially keen on post-apocalyptic folk-art.

Deadline for the first issue is February 1, 2009. With your submission, we ask that you send a short bio, 100 words max.

For questions, submissions and more information:

Bluebird is a Brenico Production brought to you by:
Edward E. Wilson, Kara Rae Garland, Lillian Grace and Samm Hain."
(Via Samm Hain / Samuel 23)

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Rufus Opus said...

The "syncronicity" of our posts is entirely the work of the Enochian Spirits attempting to make you realize they are right, you ARE the true Messiah, and that God made Chaos Magick to train the faithful!

One cannot go against the Will of God.