Monday, December 1, 2008

The Invisible College.

"Our job is to inspire freedom, and that includes cognitive freedom. For every mind we free, twelve others will prefer to remain as part of the sheep-herd and within the taxonomies and categorizations that our predecessors inspired. This is not our fault, nor the problem. Twelve more still will decide they've become prematurely enlightened because they found Hot Topic and crap music. This, too, does not mean they are our enemy. We have no enemies. Our goal is to reach one person, for one second and give them a glimpse of the possibilities. Words are weapons: though it is a slow-moving war, it is still a war. Not between the dichotomies and twin dualisms of "us and them," but towards a moment where we can all appear equal on the field and let history - rather than the machinery of society - sort the two out. Should we fail, so be it. Better still than the possibility of never trying. Our writings may be forgotten, and fade with time, but there still exists the possibility that they will remain and inspire others. This is not a chore. It is a labor of love. It is the Game and the only game worth playing.

We cannot yet say, as the Ranters did, that Empire nor the machinery of the State-Church apparatus is undone. We cannot yet say we have come nearly far enough. Bruno burned; as did so many others of our heroes. Our blessing alone is to burn brighter while still standing. This is not revolution; this is just one more task.
Still.. It is the only task worth pursuing."
- The Travelogue of Jack Faust. January 3rd, 2006.

(Written for the adherents of the Black Sun, the HedKult, and the Diamond Dogs of Kwan-Lyl prior to the Splintering of the Nomads.)

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Lance Michael Foster said...

See, I think Jesus was about faithfulness to the Creator ( I have a hard time reconciling the destroying god of the OT with the father Jesus talked about). However, Jesus said render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's (showing the coin) and unto God that which is God's (the road). Jesus did not come to start some new religion, anymore than Martin Luther came to start Protestantism. Jesus was a Jew and Luther was a Catholic in their own thoughts until their deaths. Twas people after them took things in a new direction. But Jesus was with The People and Thy neighbor, not the status quo or the State, which is what Constantine etc shaped it into, a new Church-State. Good AND Evil was done by this new entity and its adherents (judge the tree by its fruit). So I totally understand the rejection of Christianity by some (look up Victor Turner sometime, communitas, etc.) and hierarchy etc. And yet I do not understand the attraction to the Adversary and his Party who has no liking for humans at all, but sees them at best as pawns. I do not think all pagan gods were evil any more than I think the god of the OT did only good (telling a tribe to commit genocide, nah, that's evil). I think the best way is to consider gods, daemons, forces, entities, etc. just like one would strangers you meet as a little kid: caution, etc. The stranger could be a great guy, or a pedophile, or someone who is nice one minute and breaking your arm the next.