Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tonight's Considerations.

I find myself increasingly uncomfortable, or at least doubtful, in regards to people who believe in "The Truth" or even "a Truth" with respect to their spirituality. As to the latter, I can see some justice there; but it still seems to me that it's bred on faith rather than belief, and that faith is a subject matter which doesn't lend itself fully to magical exploration. While I can fully understand and appreciate Fr. RO, for example, for his beliefs and capacity as a magician and a Christian... Most others seem to end up rabid idiots who try to shove their "Truths" down the throats of others. And that's where my problems begin.

The second comments about "the right way to do things," or "the Truth underlying all things" comes up I find myself shutting them out as morons, which is no less dogmatic in a sense. At the same time, it always flies out of the mouths of fundamentalists and zealots and they ping my "crazy fuckers" meter.

The assumption that there is one, true way or one, true path seems to me limited. Even in a personal sense. While being connected to strands or ideas of fate can be comforting, they seem no less dangerous to me.

Especially when rival ideas or thought patterns enter the picture. It seems to me that Truth in a spiritual sense is a very pernicious thought pattern indeed, and I police myself to avoid it as best I can. Those that don't... well, they bother me.

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Rufus Opus said...

If it helps, I feel the same way. I know there's one real truth, like there's one real planet earth, but I also know that there are as many versions of it as there are worlds on the planet. You know, cultural, political, experiential etc.

All we know for sure is what we see, and the lesson of the magician is that even what you see can be a lie. Fire Sign Theater's Everything you know is Wrong! sums it up well for me. I know it's true, and that it's wrong.

But I experienced a vision of the transcendent that blew away everything I had known previously. I experienced it in a church, but if you knew what I saw, you could diagnose it and put it into any context; pagan, chaos, gnostic, evangelical fundy. It was the sovereignty of God. I got there through a Christian door, but I know folks who've seen Odin in a similar capacity. :shrug: