Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Chaoism is has been having a discussion amongst it's members for the last month or two about the HGA. Recently a "Mr. Epoch Bell" contributed a fairly interesting post. It wasn't very bad overall, and had details I'd personally neglected (including creating the 'magical persona'). That said, this one sentence made me near livid: "Having said all this do know that the HGA is not always benevolent. Despite it's Christo-gnostic title of AgathaDaemon."

The Agathos-Daemon is always, and I can't stress it enough, 100% benevolent. It is always on your side. That's why the term literally means good spirit. Daemon attraction works, in the PGM and elsewhere (you can check Morton Smith's Jesus the Magician and The Demons of Magic if you don't trust me and want a Historian who will back me up) in such a way that any spirit, in theory, could be bound to one's self. Typically, the class of spirit attracted and bound so that the magician could become "as a demigod" or "the son of (a) god" was the Agathos-Daemon.

And it is always a benevolent daemon. Now, in theory, you could argue that "good" could mean anything. Or that "good" only applies to the practitioner; after all, having become one with it (essentially similar to K&C) he could use it to learn how to utterly destroy his enemies. Sure, that's true. He could even - if he wanted to find out what would happen - try and use it to assault his enemies. Greek and Roman magick include such procedures.

But to the practitioner the Agathos-Daemon is utterly benevolent. That doesn't mean it's agreeable at all times. If you don't listen to it, it could decide not to help you. Or it could tell you to get your head checked. But it won't harm you, etc.

Otherwise you just have a daemon you've become bound to.

And if it's malevolent, then you've become bound to a Caco-Daemon. This may sound dogmatic, but there are no ifs, ands, or buts here with the exception of the above. I love my fellow Chaos Magicians, but sometimes they piss me off.


My Gal said...

If you do not think that your HGA has your best interests at heart, why oh why would you try to get in contact with it and integrate it into your universe?

In my version, the Hamster always has my best interests at heart. I may not like what he has to say, but he is there for me. If I ignore him I have been known to get a stronger version of "boot to the head". Yet always in a spirit of getting my attention before I head off a cliff.

I would be curious to see what this person is basing his experiences on. Is it experience? If so is they sure that it is actually their HGA and not just some random voice in their head??? Curiouser and curiouser.

Jason Miller, said...

You are the least Chaos-y chaos magician I have ever encountered.

K. Brown said...

Yknow...That forum disappointed me in record fucking time. Two logins, I believe.