Monday, October 27, 2008

The occasional irritant.

I've been having this occasional problem. Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the idiot I'm about to discuss doesn't read this journal, since it takes a certain type of moron to irritate me this much. What I'm about to discuss is not a psychic attack. Nor is it a spirit manifestation; I made certain before asking a friend what he thinks. Over the course of the last six weeks I've occasionally had this "weird shit" go down. You see, they seem to be astrally trying to communicate with me. As a retard. On about four occasions, maybe three, I've had my "magical name" (Jack Faust) shoved into my head. Now the first time I assumed someone was in trouble or something and went out of my way to jump astral. I finally get there, and I catch a sight of a fleeing "feminine feeling" form that vanishes. Okay, whatever. Second time, I get "omens" from a certain type of heresy I may be connected to or may not be connected to. Images of the Basalt Tower, black widows everywhere. The second time I'm getting bombarded at a coffee shop. And I thought, until I asked someone else, that I was going nuts. You know. This isn't paranoia-meter, malevolent shit. Just "creepy" or "slightly sinister." A black window crawled across my shoe (it didn't attack me, just crawled over my shoe and kept moving while I watched, then I found four on the porch, then I found one in the garage when I got home and ran the sprinklers). The entire time I'm getting "Jack Faust" repeated infinitely in my head. This time I banish and do a quick, laid back exorcism. Standard shit. It ends. Third time, I get irritated and drop into trance and shout "WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" at the voice. It shuts up. So, if it happens again, I'm banishing with the intent "email me." If they don't get the hint, I'm taking my mentor's suggestion. I swear to god, I'm going to make a talisman, wait till they do it one time after the next (where upon I'll return "Email me" in a rather irritated manner), and I'm going to trap the astral body in said talisman and black box it. I have no idea what that will do to someone, but if they keep up being an idiot they fucking deserve it.

I say this in all seriousness: this shit is annoying. It feels like someone is using certain works I made and thinking about me constantly or obsessively as they do it. Or they're chanting my name before they fall asleep. Or something. It's straight up retarded. And I seriously want to believe anyone that could do it would have the foresight or intelligence to use regular channels for contact. Because there's nothing quite like it that I've ever felt. It isn't an attack. It isn't sinister. It doesn't make me paranoid. It makes me wonder about the intelligence of the individual. Whoever it is, is a genuine, Grade A moron that's either somewhat talented and untrained, or just plain fucking stupid. If I'm somehow wrong and you're the person and reading this and feeling stupid, just fucking email me. I seriously doubt that person is here, though. Something tells me some idiot read shit I wrote for the Sutras or my personal essays back in the day and is being just plain stupid. But holy god is it the most irritating thing I've ever encountered in all my time. I've been pissed at people before, but I've never assumed they were idiots like this before. It's the only thing on this occasion I can assume.


Jason Miller, said...

You know, I did some experiments using the 23 nails poem at the beginning of the month just to see what all the hubub was about...

I aint callin your name though

Jack Faust said...

LOL. Jason, you didn't even cross my mind as a possibility, man. I promise.