Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Artists, Familiars, and Helping Hands.

The picture above has nothing and everything to do with the following commentary. :) Banish if it bothers you.

It is, in fact, super-rare that I do this. However, the person in questions beyond cool and could use the exposure. Not that I can generate a lot of exposure. But can I try my damnedest? Yes, yes I can.

Kirsten Brown is an artist and occultist who's works I've appreciated for a long time. In the event anyone out there reading this can afford it, or has a desire for art of a "certain" nature, I can't recommend anyone more highly than I recommend her.

Current works up for grabs:

"Inspirare." 200$ or best offer, 11x14in. stretched canvas, again, UV-sprayed.

"Black Goat of the Woods." 8x16in. stretched canvas, marker and ink, UV-protectant sprayed.

She does do commissions. If you're looking for someone talented and with that certain type of artistic "sight," feel free to drop her a line at "snowandlightning@gmail.com". She also maintains a page on Etsy, and will throw in shipping for things purchased and listed there that are bought directly through her instead.

If you find yourself digging this feel free to pass the information along.

And check out her new blogspot, too!

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Rose Weaver said...

She's also on deviantArt. A ton of her work is promoted there.


I have three of her works, two of them commissioned. There are two others I want to purchase, but my fundage is now low. Damn, she's a good artist!