Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Myth of Guilt

There are no innocent bystanders... What the hell were they doing there in the first place?

- William S. Burroughs, The Soft Machine.

To say that guilt is a “myth” seems an outlandish thing, however true it might be to the constituency of modern occultism. Guilt is not, as yet, a myth. However it probably ought to be. Though Crowley wrote the lines years ago, I still reflect on them sporadically: “The only sin is restriction.”

That seems like a dangerous line, at least for many in the Neo-Pagan community. Life without restraints? It could easily lead to the Ghost Busters scenario, right? You know, this scenario:

Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, "biblical"?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes...
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Okay, probably not. We've had sociopaths living in society for quite a while and they don't seem to have caused dogs and cats to live together, there's been minimal human sacrifice (aside from mankind's perpetual need to wage war, often in the name of a “just” cause that's made unjust by it being a lie) and I've yet to see forty years of darkness. I hold my breathe on the last one: I'd be okay with forty years of darkness. I call lack of a sunburn for forty years a win. Sure, we'd stop being able to grow food, starve, and there'd be rampant depression as melatonin and serotonin levels dropped in the brain. But would I endure it for a few years without a sunburn? You can bet your ass I would. But I digress...

Crowley also said a few handy lines that went something like, “thou hast no right but to do thy will,” and “love is the law.”

Anarchy is averted. Worry not, we aren't here to burn down the church and state. At least not physically.

Guilt is a reaction to perceived wrong actions. It's that thing we call a conscience whispering, “I knew better...”

I'm rarely guilty; even if I feel I did something wrong. There's a reason for that on my end. The first being that if I did something genuinely wrong, I either correct it... Or I face up to the fact I'm likely to do it again and reorient how I view my morals and what's more important. I have a relatively flexible code of ethics that I stick to. “Situational ethics.” I don't lie: unless I have to. I don't steal, because I haven't had to yet.

I will fuck over people that piss me off; because they had to work hard to get me into that state and to be quite honest... If they've worked hard enough to make the short list of enemies I have, then they should see my scathing comments and Machievellian tactics as I try to destroy them (“I may not be able to destroy you, but I will be poking you in the eye... Constantly.”) coming.

When I have felt guilty, in the past, it was because things beyond my control happened. All too often I'd try to shoulder the weight of someone else's fuckup. In “magical” situations, this typically meant over-estimating partners and watching them get swept into the tide of the then-madness we were playing with. In some cases, I felt I hadn't explained that what we were doing was, well, dangerous. And so the guilt lingered.

At least until I got older and watched them do the same shit, and make the same mistakes again and again. Then I didn't feel guilty. I just felt pity towards them.

Guilt holds you back: the free walk openly, casting their eyes where they will. We will make mistakes, magically or otherwise, and there's no helping that. You fall down as you learn to walk. So, again, “the only sin is restriction.”

Restricting one to the past mistakes, and letting the guilt control us. Restricting one's self from growth and refusing to take the next step. Restricting one's self to guilt and not fixing the problem or at least being honest about the fact you'll likely repeat the mistake and ceasing to worry over it.

I may be a Discordian Saint, but I'm surely not a Catholic one. And it bothers me not one bit.

(This post was initially going to be filled with psychological and philosophical thoughts: it was scrapped. I'll save a followup for later. And for the record, I used the Burroughs quote because it once aided a girl I'd ceased to be dating loathe me to the core of her being. It was my response to "I'm sorry." I'd meant it as in, "it had been my choice, too." She took it altogether differently.)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fine Line

As I was gearing up for the local PPD and working on finishing my presentation, I was contacted by someone that sealed the deal (which I'd actually been on the fence in regards to) about what I'd discuss. Some years ago I became associated with a certain chaos magick heresy that doesn't bear mentioning here; what does bear mentioning is that at a certain point someone had pointed him to one of my more private blogs where I slipped in tidbits of the work, and he'd read it all.

Due to certain synchronistic patterns between what I was doing, and what he'd experienced, we entered into contact. He was a cool guy; young, like myself, and definitely talented. (His long-range sex magick practices with his partner were something I certainly envied. I'd had some decent experiences with it, but nothing as constant as what he was doing.)

We talked shop. I explained some of the premise of what I was doing at the time, some of the feedback loops, and some of the less extreme things to expect. Over time, he seemed to be doing better. (Except that he'd occasionally become convinced he'd found an astral “Black Lodge”; once, I'm fairly sure, he was right. The rest of the times it was connecting random data and filtering it through his own fears and anxieties; I told him as much.)

Then he began experimenting with Enochian. We lost contact.

As of today I can say that he's not coming back from where-ever he took his mind. Three weeks ago, he claims, he was abducted by aliens. And then the voices began. I'm not joking here. But it underlies something I've always stressed:

Magick is weird. And that it's filtered through the mind, as it must be for we to be consciously aware of our experiences, is sometimes a drawback. Whether he triggered long dormant schizoid tendencies in himself and stress caused the break with reality or not isn't really something to debate. The fact of the matter is that as of today he's found himself subjected to near-constant audio hallucinations ranging from the “end of the world” spiels to “you have AIDS.” He doesn't have AIDS. He's just bugfuck crazy, and there's a very slim chance of coming back from that level of crazy.

He asked me what to do. I was at a loss for words. After all, telling him that he'd experienced the clinical break from reality was pointless. He knew it, he just didn't want to admit it. “I can't accept that,” he told me. “It's this constant pain in my head... and the voices...”

He could medicate himself. He could perform an exorcism—or at least, he could have. But I have my doubts that it's external. Rather, it's underlying internal patterns I might've noticed years ago and warned him about. But I didn't really think it'd ever come to this. I can't blame myself—after all, it's not my mind.

But there are things you just might not come back from. Not now, not ever. If you lack the focus to perform an exorcism, then you won't be able to get rid of the problem. If you get eaten... well, sometimes you just get eaten. Medication is an option, but it's one he has to choose for himself. And it's not one I'd really try to force on him.

What you let into your mind – and I may never know what it was that caused the “aliens” to “beam him aboard the mother-ship,” – may just end any chances you have of making it out of the situation fine and dandy. Grounding is important: if aliens are telling you the world is ending, skepticism isn't always a bad thing.

It may be a drawback, but it's better to be careful sometimes.

He may make it out of the Abyss, and I hope he does. But sometimes it's best to take a step back and look at things logically. Otherwise you can end up far, far worse than when you stepped into the spiritual ring and declared yourself to be “a magician.” It's a fine line we dance on, and the more aware of that we are then the better off we are.

Because oblivion may be mystically necessary, but sometimes you need to consider how necessary it is at this place in life.

Grounding, banishing, testing spirits and not taking them at their word; these are things that many magicians do. Some shunt the banishing and use other methods, especially if they're more Shamanically inclined, but those protection rituals and practices? They exist for a goddamn reason. The mind is a great thing, and weird can definitely be good... But for me? I like being able to balance my checkbook and talk to people without voices screaming in my head. And I like to be somewhat coherent. Perhaps I'm wrong, and of course there are other views, but from where I sit: sanity is a borderland we wander on. That we employ schizoid tactics is true; that trance states induced patterns akin to schizophrenia is uncomfortable to admit, but one must. But still reconsidering what surrounds one and if we can handle it should always be an option.

Years ago, in a long bout of ritual practices without banishing, I followed a voice from beyond that was ensconced in static on a payphone (friends had watched it happen similarly days before) with an obscure claim: “don't forget the donuts!”

In the middle of the night, sleep deprived, and likely hallucinating a bit due to that I ran to a coffee shop and bought donuts. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. It wasn't “the dolphin flies at midnight,” but sometimes you've got to take those messages from “beyond” and toss them in the can. When I woke up the next morning I didn't rationalize what I'd done at all. I banished, laughed hysterically at myself, and found myself becoming somewhat skeptical when it came to my own practices. If I don't see actual results, I can that shit. It may hold me back a bit at times, but it's necessary for functioning. And since I enjoy being functional, I don't make any goddamn claims otherwise.

Years from now I may end up married and then divorced by my wife if I forget the donuts, but until that day happens it's an experience in not taking yourself so seriously. And furthermore, taking your state of mind very seriously. Sometimes you need to go a bit crazy; it's part of the process of transmutation. Other times you're just going crazy because you're neglecting something important. Ground it out, laugh at the experience, and get on with life. The other road may lead to madness unending, with voices telling you that you have a disease that isn't in your body and encounters with the grays. Fuck that shit. I don't see how it'd help a damn thing, spiritually or emotionally.

Magick is serious business. Take it and your brain seriously. That's all I have for today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Artificial Elemental Creation 2.0

(This essay was written in 2006 after people began pressuring me to divulge the technique. As per usual, it's free; copy it, do whatever you want with it, cross-post it if you like it... It's 100% chaos magick, and unlike many of my earlier essays contains nothing inherently dangerous - aside from backfiring elementals and thoughtforms, which anyone can deal with. [Kill them. Duh.] Oh, Mace's book wasn't released until 2007, but I had early access to some of the essays through contacts. Hence the differential in dates.

It neglects a few things, but I still like it. Enjoy!

Note: It still neglects a couple commentaries; "thoughtform creation" is actually covered in many chaos magick and ceremonial magick texts - even central to them. What has always disturbed me is how many Llewellyn authors and popular neo-pagan authors neglect such a basic, and fundamental, process of creation and thaumaturgical practice. If you want a task done--sigils and thoughtforms are where it's at.

This essay was almost published in Konton magazine, which unfortunately bit the dust before it could be. Alas!)

Artificial Elemental Creation: Version 2.0

By: St. Jack Faust

“Every man and woman is a (rock) star.”

- Molar Mountre

Past All the Bullshit

There are two roads we can take when practicing magick; we can either create our own world, manufacturing it from the bottom up, or we can use what is already in place in life. The first relies on the solid use of technique and theory; the second relies on heavy use of theory and a direct approach. Stephen Mace begins his epic essay, Making Worlds, with the following comment: It's better to make your own experience than to let your experience make you. It's a statement that I've used as a mantra for a while now, and the benefits of such a process of thought have been heavy.

Either we can use what is in place, or we can exploit every aspect of our psyche to manufacture our own lives; living magick rather than simply practicing it. To perform such acts, living acts, it takes a large amount of dedication and even discipline… But it beats the alternative by far. As Mace goes on to explain:

In popular lore, magick is conspicuously suited to getting money, sex and vengeance. And in this same popular lore, the sorcerer always ends up being hoisted on his or her own petard, the magick backfiring into the sorcerer's face and causing his or her own destruction. Nor is this popular perspective contradicted by informed practice. To simply conjure in a bald-faced attempt to get money is to solicit either a personal injury or a death in the family, the conjuration working to reify your value as an insurance beneficiary. To conjure Jane Smith into your bed is to risk getting Jane Smith, kicking and screaming, into your life forever. And to call up 10,000 devils and set them onto your boss is to create a universe where 10,000 devils live, and they all have your address.i

The act of creation is something that has been a part of the history of Ritual and Ceremonial Magick for centuries; ranging from the creation of Homunculi, Tulpas, to the Golem of Qabalistic lore, nearly every culture involved in the act has had some form of magickal creation. Yet, the techniques themselves are still largely ignored in the Popular Occult sections of bookstores, and mainstream books… There two reasons for this, I think. First: let's face it; it's easier to sell a book of "100 Spells for Your Pleasure" than to teach or explain how to actually create your own spell, or… in this case, your own elemental.

The second is the prevalent fear of "low magick" that has integrated itself into mainstream practices for nigh a century; this stems from the Theosophical Society, and even earlier, from when the Roman Empire declared Goes magicians to be criminals.

When the Church rose to power, it was quite easy to get your ass roasted on a spit. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for hem, we don't need to fear that anymore. So to Hell with concerns on "Low Magick." Let's focus on technique and see where that gets us.

The Bare-Bones Basics

If you want a job done right, you typically have to do it yourself. This follows the very basics of most ritual magick; if one demands from a spirit of Goetia that a task be accomplished, then they have to mean it. Otherwise the spirit will ignore them… And then you have to go through the lengthy practice of summoning them again, smiting them and cursing them, and trying to force them to do your bidding. While some people might get their rocks off on this, I don't.

It is, largely, a waste of time. I'm dealing with something already in place and trying to get a free meal out of it; I'd rather take the ingredients already present in my psyche and subtle body and exploit them to create my own reality, a world where my desires can be attained… If I at least have the techniques to accomplish them on hand.

This being said, there are still a few basic guidelines. Even if you are creating something with your own energies, rather than relying on an already existing spirit, you still need to perform a banishing ritual. The reason is that if you're raising enough energy to create, then you will attract attention from the things that feed on such energy. This isn't something to be afraid of; even if you meditate often, you'll attract such attention. This line of thought is similar to eating regularly; if you don't eat often, then you stomach will shrink. The so-called energy centers in your body are similar. Most people don't focus any attention on them, and so over time less energy is stored in their body.

If you have more energy to expend, then parasites will be drawn to you. Daily banishing routines will aid in keeping these cock-roaches out of your kitchen, and that's one of the reasons that groups such as the Golden Dawn teach their Neophytes the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). It's a staple of the Western Tradition, and the benefits far outweigh the draw-backs.

The last commentary on this end is that you must monitor your Elemental once it's created, and you also must consider what you do to create it. The reason behind this is simple:

Common occult doctrine holds that any created entity can become uncontrolled and 'malignant' over time, and experience has shown that this can certainly be the case with servitors and tulpas.ii

In other words, it is your energy that has created it… And if your energy filled with negativity, then you will find a negative reflection in the creations you make with it. You will go from happy the ideal of a helpful spirit to something quite different. Imagine having your own malicious spirit, only that it would be inexplicably tied to you. Matters could get out of hand quite quickly. In the event of problems, do not feel the least bit saddened by deconstructing the Elemental: it's sometimes necessary to deconstruct what you've created.

Magickal Energy

Magickal energy is what magicians "harness" when they cast a spell, create a thought-form, heal someone, or throw out one of those uber-nasty curses everyone seems so occupied with. The energy has about a dozen names, ranging from utility to inanity. Call it Mana, Magis, Prana, Chi, or just energy… it's all the same thing. Some even call it Aethyr, but as long as the word generates the right appeal to you – it doesn't matter what you call it.

It exists within the body's so-called energy matrix, or the subtle-body. There are about a dozen techniques to grab it, but I'll only explain a few. The commentary here is that altered states of consciousness open you up to perception of this subjective "energy" (I say subjective because science has yet to discover this energy and may never do so). By altered states of consciousness, however, I am not advocating drug-use. You may well want to, and far be it for me to discourage that, but there are easier ways to perceive it!

Altered States: Breathing Techniques

We know how to breathe from birth on. It is an automated response the human body comes along knowing, along with how to eat and excrete what has been eaten. The difference here is how we're going to treat breathing, along with concentrating on patterns. One of the purposes of such breathing in various methods in the occult, including Pranic Healing, Yoga, and other exercises, is to breathe deep and in a repetitive cycle. According to basic text-books on the subject of Pranic Healing, this allows for the body to build up raw energy (Prana) at a faster rate.

The method that can be used is as follows:

  1. Sit fully upright, or lay down, with the spine completely erect or straight. Begin by breathing in as deeply as you can as though you're drawing air into your gut. Do this for a count of 3 full seconds.

  2. Hold that breath for a full three seconds.

  3. Fully exhale for a full three seconds.

  4. Continue for as long as you can, keeping up the 3-3-3 pattern.

Following this, it behooves the practitioner to begin cycling their breath at longer variations. 3-3-3 makes a good start-up point, but following it towards 6-6-6 or 9-9-9 is far better. 6-6-6 is considered the best midpoint of cyclical breathing by many of the authors I've read on the subject, and those that can keep that cycle up for longer and longer durations may begin experiencing changes at a slightly more rapid pace.

Furthermore, the mental notation on the pattern eventually becomes habit and needing to concentrate on it is no longer necessary after about a month to two months of practice. Once one hits that peak, concentrating on visualizations becomes a key factor for progress…

Altered States: Visualization

I'm only explaining this because I've encountered questions on the subject in the past. When I say visualization, what I mean is that you're actively imagining. Visualization is easy; if you know how to day-dream and control those day-dreams, then you can visualize. All you need to do is be able to keep up the visualizations while focusing on breathing techniques, or otherwise. This will actually take a bit of practice, and it may take from a few hours, to a few days, to even a few months to master the technique… But once you have it down, visualizing becomes like riding a bicycle.

Altered States: Aids

If you need to get in the mood, feel free to break out the candles, the incense, the funny-looking robes and hats (we'll only mock you in private, we promise), and get it on. As long as you can get into the realm where magick feels "real" – like something you can do it – that's all that matters!

Altered States: An Excitary Mode

  1. Sit down and get comfortable in a public place such as coffee shop or mall.

  2. For the next five minutes, attempt to consciously overload your sensory stimulus.

  3. Use the following: focus conscious attention to how your feet, hands, and body feel. Feel your hair against your forehead, the cool wind on your cheeks.

  4. After doing so, begin looking around you. Take a moment to make everything in your immediate environment meaningful to you: how does each object or person in your vicinity affect you?

  5. How do you imagine each object got there. How does the sun glinting off the leaves of that tree make you feel?

  6. How in tune with your environment do you feel?

Entering into such a state could be called "constructive paranoia" – treating all objects and sensory stimulus around you as though it is directly meaningful and directly affects you. The purpose is to bombard the normal, rational mind with information and let your thoughts go "haywire" while directly impacting your sensory information. The eyes do not "see," the brain is what actually "Sees." The eyes are more akin to lenses on a camera – likewise each the ears for hearing. That means we can consciously impact our personal "reality" and force it to conform to our expectations by bombarding it with data.

The Surrealists referred to this state as Derive, and wandered through cities consciously forcing themselves into an alternate mode of perception and consciously "changing" the world they walked through. Try doing that – see how you can make the city different; try using it to wander through the "Faerie Realm," of a city full of beauty and meaning… Or into an Unhallowed Ground of Hell itself, altering it into a nightmare of perception (truly via Sinistra).

Altered States: An Inhibitory Mode

  1. Sit down or lie down in a position where your spine is entirely straight and aligned with your skull.

  2. Select a one or two syllable word – the first that comes to mind is best.

  3. This word is now your mantra. Take a deep breathe, and then say the first half of the word as you inhale.

  4. Now exhale, saying the second half of the word. As you do so, begin to focus conscious attention on your body from the neck down slowly relaxing each part. Once you reach a state of relaxation (as best as possible, you will always feel anything but relaxed the first few times) simply focus on the word, breathing in with half and then exhaling with half until you've used the focus on it to block out all thoughts and the flow of such.

I picked up this little technique from Peter Carroll, and I've used it extensively to enter into a state near to No-Mind (clarity), and then simply dropped from there into such a state. I tend to mix up the meditation techniques I use routinely, but for the first year this was how I meditated. It works. Try to get to a state where you can feel your entire "humming" and "vibrating" with energy, and from there natural progress will begin to occur on it's own. See what you can do in such a state. Can you increase your sensitivity to sound to the point where you can hear your sister breathing deeply as she sleeps in the next bedroom over? Can you increase tactile sensation until it becomes almost unbearably delightful to touch the sheets of your bed?

Go further, go deeper. See just how far you can push the limits. Try using this little trick and then directing your "consciousness" to other parts of your body. It isn't hard, and it's fun work to see how your perspective changes.

As an aside, we know this is possible because several different cultures have claimed to "feel" and "think" from areas in the body other than the head. This suggests that the idea we're "thinking" from out head is a conditioned response, and that consciousness may have foci in other areas of the body as well.

Now, Back to the Energy

Once you hit the stage where you feel a pleasant buzzing, or humming, in your body – that's when you've entered into trance enough to utilize this energy. The hardest part is actually getting to that point and it really isn't all that hard. After that, you just have to be able to use the energy, which will be explained shortly. The point here is to be able to get yourself to that break-point before you even bother trying to create an Elemental. Otherwise, you'll just be playing with fantasy-wish-fulfillment. And while that might work the first few times, eventually you'll find that the technique suddenly stops working.

The entire point of this section has been about getting the very basics down. If you don't have any background in it, then moving on to anything is pointless. This is the reason one can come across a dozen New Agers who want to know if spells (and arguably, thought-forms are just spells that act on their own intent) actually work. The answer is: yes, if you know what you're doing.

Artificial Elemental Creation

Thought-forms are a staple of Chaos Magick. We love our Servitors almost as much as we love our sigils. One of the easiest ways to make a thought-form, is to build up enough visualized energy. And then sculpt it into your mind's eye, while adding in a sigil to give it a statement of intent. It will now be your tireless slave for eternity, and like that Golem of old, shuffle sand from one place to another until the day you die…

I have absolutely no problem with this means of creating a thought-form. I've used it many times, found it satisfactory for a number of different problems and desires, and even managed to screw my life up with it a few times. However… the bonding sigil, which becomes like the glyphs you find in old Grimoires, takes a lot of time to make. I'm not advocating laziness, but sometimes you need something on the fly. That was the one of the reasons behind this technique.

The second reason comes from an out-look based on the very idea of the sigil… That it was an arbitrary glyph charged with desire and released. In other words, it's a symbol of desire that one throws out into the world which will (normally) discharge in an event or occurrence. This is all well and good, but the symbolic part began to make me wonder why one had to do that.

While some magicians are artists, I am not. My sigils always look like something a three-year-old would casually draw on the wall of their house. In fact, they downright suck. They accomplish the task, but there is nothing intellectually or artistically pleasing to them.

On the other hand, I happen to love the English language. That's why you're reading so much crap right now. However… the English language is already a set of symbols that have been arbitrarily given definitions. In other words; you don't necessarily need a sigil at all. As long as you can visualize a string of letters, then you should be able to get the same effect.

If that was true, then why the hell was I scrawling out sigils for a half an hour looking for something that got me into the mood to perform magick and enhance the feel that I wasn't, in fact, launching stick figures into the void-form universe?

I dropped the sigils and began experimenting with my statements of intents. And thus…

The Elements:

If you just want to make a thought-form, and not an elemental, you can skip this section and move on to the actual technique. But the difference between an elemental and a thought-form is largely semantic; it all depends on your desire, and how you decide to use it.

To create an elemental rather than a simple thought-form or Servitor all you need to do is add in the symbols that make you think of an element. Or you can "harness" (ie: absorb) the element using pranic techniques and that element. Reversing the charkas in the hands to absorb air or fire works just as well as visualizing those symbols while creating a thought-form. It all depends on, really, how your mind works. If you're a visual learner then you might want to visualize, if you're an auditory learner then you might want to listen to soundbites of the element, or kinesthetic – touch, or come close to touching, an element.

You can even experiment with all three! Find out what works for you.

I, being primarily visual, will focus on visual uses. But do your own research. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Crafting your Intent:

The desire is everything. What do you desire, and what "element" best embodies this? If passion, such as finding a girlfriend (or pulling her out of the "void-form universe" of daily life!), then fire will work best. If emotional reasons are behind this, such as throwing off one of those uber-nasty curses or blessing someone, consider using water. Intellectual concerns, like finding a book, work well with air and so forth.

Now decide what you want. Write it down, consider your options: how easy is this to achieve? Even things that will have a high likeliness to happen should be used at first. Enchanting for something in the bag, as they say, only increases your self-confidence in these matters. The only draw-back there is convincing yourself that you've become a Grand High Adept while you're still playing in the kiddy pool. There is a difference between being confident and being an ego-maniac… Something I still have trouble reminding myself of.

Once you have the desire, feel free to proceed.

Raising Cain… Err, Your Elemental!

Like any good child, you need to be able to bring it into this world. And that's what we're about to do.

Banish to cleanse the area of unwanted influences, including those of daily life.

  1. Drop yourself into a light trance (using one of the techniques listed above).

  2. Shift into conscious control of that state and begin visualizing.

  3. Quickly drag energy up your body, and then visualize a single line coming from your solar plexus and shaping a ball of energy. (Or, if you want, simple visualize the ball until you can almost "see it" with your mind's eye.)

  4. Now take your pre-made desire and then visualize the sentence forming an arch/circle around it. If the sentence happens to be too long, make two circles around the sphere.

  5. Spin those circles of words by visualizing them slowly. Continue to visualize the speed of the words spinning until they are spinning so rapidly that they create full rings of blurred color (the color here should be in accordance with your element) moving rapidly around the sphere. You can visualize this as similar to the structure of an atom, the rings around Saturn, or so forth.

  6. Release the thought-form by simply visualizing it as flying forward to somewhere. (Send it off into "outer space," being abducted by aliens as beam of light appears and sucks it up, exploding off to R'lyeh, accelerating like Speed-Racer off into the distance… whatever works for you.)

  7. Forget, Ground, and move on. Let the desire settle into the subconscious by banishing again, watching a movie, playing a video game, going for a nice long run… Whatever works best to anchor yourself back to mundane life is advisable. The more you think about your desire/elemental, the more you strip it of the energy you've given it. This can take time and practice, but keep trying!

Going Further, Going Deeper

If you really want to charge up the Elemental, consider visualizing it at the peak of orgasm during sex… Try to visualize it while watching a dead T.V. station and listening to loud music, try a variety of different techniques to get yourself in to the appropriate mood. Your desire should manifest itself anywhere from a few hours to a few days (or in unlikely cases, a few weeks) later.

Try making "hybrid" elementals, like electrical elementals! Play with HTML or other coding languages and see if those work with encoding your desires into the energy you've provided, or if they work better. Give an Elemental key-phrases and then release it onto the internet via Myspace bulletins… Don't exhaust any capacity to find out what works and what doesn't. There is no shortage of things that can be done with self-constructed spirits.

You'll find the event discharging as if your elemental was a real thing. Remember to thank it for doing its job, and either keep it active or deconstruct it. If you keep it active then make damned sure you monitor it. Otherwise you'll find a variety of things happening, normally pesky, that will let you know you have a rogue thought-form on your hands.

My caution is here that if you do play with intents to make sure you "create" something, rather than try to control the world around you. An elemental crafted to make Jane Doe (as Stephen Mace mentioned) your girlfriend will quickly become an incubus, and you're the full course meal. Create to provide opportunities, not force your will on another…

As always, your moral choices and questions remain up to you. What I have, and what others do in practice are two very different things. But these cautions come from someone who's been there, done that and learned from experience that sometimes it's just plain better to "create" than force your will…

And there's less ethical/guilt-based questions that arise.

For those that toy with this process, and enjoy it, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

Reports from Practice:

Artificial Elemental Creation, Form 2.
Artificial Element to promote change via Will.
Fire elemental, first creation (of fire).
Creation process:
Dropped into trance, dragged and filtered energy through an element, encoded for purpose.

For shits and giggles I decided to test-drive this fucker. Since the basis of fire is, in some cases, passion I decided to try and craft a strange attractor. In this case my desire was simple: "I desire to meet a cute pagan girl."

Nothing special. The night progressed as per usual, and I headed out to River Park to increase my chances of allowing it to happen. By midnight I pretty much gave up and began to head home. While wandering I came across Evan Parks, and we headed back to his place to have a couple of beers. We got to talking and smoking cigarettes while drinking beer. At about 2 AM, three more people dropped by. As "chance" had it, one of them was - and I quote - a cute pagan girl. Unfortunately, I forgot to postulate that she should be single. Better luck next time, right?

Artificial Elemental Creation, Form 2.
Artificial Element to promote change via Will.
Air, first creation (of air).
Creation process:
Dropped into trance, dragged and filtered energy through an element, encoded for purpose.

The air-conditioner broke two weeks ago, and I started testing this process. It simply "jumped" into my head to try it. I encoded the desire as "the air conditioning unit will work." Within six minutes it turned out one of the "wires" had "come loose." We tightened it and it worked fine.

Artificial Elemental Creation, Form 2.
Artificial Element to promote change via Will.
Air elemental, second creation (of air).
Creation process:
Dropped into trance, dragged and filtered energy through an element, encoded for purpose.

One week after I started using the technique, I was suddenly plagued with the idea that I had unleashed thought-forms out of my control. I drew all of the energy back into me. The AC immediately stopped working again. So I created a secondary elemental while my mother was busy calling around to see if someone could fix it. Ironically, right about the time she finally got a call through it clicked on again.

Artificial Elemental Creation, Form 2.
Artificial Element to promote change via Will.
Earth elemental, first creation (of earth).
Creation process:
Dropped into trance, dragged and filtered energy through an element, encoded for purpose.

Created an earth elemental, due to Earth being the material plane, to aid me in the job hunt. Shortly after that, I ended up with a job at a rather nice Medical Office as a filing clerk. It isn't glamorous, but it pays the bills.

Artificial Elemental Creation, Form 2.
Artificial Element to promote change via Will.
Earth elemental, first creation (of earth).
Creation process:
Dropped into trance, dragged and filtered energy through an element, encoded for purpose.


I created an Earth-Elemental because we were running out of time finding an affordable apartment… That same day we found our apartment. Within a week we had a place to live. Which was good, because I was running out of time to move out. My room-mate claims he's only going to "live with magicians" from now on, and that I'm "interesting" to live with.

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